Hello and welcome to MyOwnVoice. This blog is my own personal commentary on today’s current events.  Since I pepper my Facebook page with pictures, groans, and opinions, I decided to move most of it here.  I am liberal, I am progressive and I believe we are put here on earth to help our fellow man, in whatever form it takes.

Becoming liberal started when I was a teenager. We were learning history and studied how Native Americans were rounded up, put on reservations, murdered, and deliberately infected with small pox. I found this horrifying and didn’t understand why people could treat other people this way.  I decided the white man were the savages and not the Native Americans.  When I brought this up with my father, he was growled at me to stop whining about “them Indians.” I did not like his response. It was my first exposure to blatant prejudice and I didn’t understand what I experienced. Since then, I’ve learned what I can about racism and bigotry.  I’m an avid reader of stories from the Holocaust. I study the civil rights movement in this country. I support the right to marriage for all adults: gay, lesbian, transgender, and straight. I believe we are all equal, regardless of our skin color, race, sexual orientation, or religious choice.

On the political side, my Dad worked hard to turn me into a good conservative. When I was 18, he got me involved in President Ford’s election campaign. I made phone calls, drove around with a sign on top of my car, and voted for President Ford. It was my first election. It wasn’t a heady experience for me, it was rather blah. I didn’t really get why I was voting for Ford and not Carter.

I was not savvy enough at the time to understand political agendas and platforms. I really didn’t know what it meant to be Republican, Democrat, or Independent. I was naive enough to trust my father, for he was omnipotent in my eyes.  When Reagan was president, Dad made a large contribution to the Republicans and was very proud of what that meant for him.

I voted for Reagan and for the first President Bush. By this time, I began to understand political platforms and such.  The more I read, the less I liked the Republican platform. I didn’t particularly care for Bush I because I felt he was out of touch with the American people. I also did not like how they were putting corporations first instead of the American people. My perception that the Republicans did not support me, their constituent, start to sour me.  Then, along came Bill and Hillary Clinton. From the beginning I loved Hillary.  Here was a strong-minded, independent woman that I admired. I voted Democrat for the first time and told my father I voted for Ralph Nadar.  From 1992 on, I call myself a Democrat and embraced my liberalism, even though I didn’t talk about it much. I didn’t have a confident voice where I could debate the issues. And it seemed that Republicans always had the louder voice that would drown out any uninformed argument I might have.

When Al Gore lost to the 2nd President Bush and we all watched the political process completely subversed, I was wary. I did not like the first President Bush and I thought the second one unintelligent.  Now I see him as evil, along with Dick Cheney.  Since Bush II took office, we have seen the middle class all but disappear, millions losing their jobs and home, and trillions spent on two unnecessary wars.  When Bush and Cheney proposed the Iraq war, a conservative relative spent hours trying to convince me that it was a just war and that we need to take out Saddam Hussein.  Now, I’m no fan of this dictator, but I vehemently opposed the Iraq war as unnecessary and our next Vietnam.  It was the first time I found my liberal voice and I stood by it.

Even today, I have my issues with the Democrats.  The party really needs to grow a backbone.  In my view, Democratic contenders need to have a stronger platform, work harder to get out the vote, and work hard to turn the rise of the Tea Party and fundamentalist extremism.  I love Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.  They speak my language.  Now, if more Democrats would do the same, perhaps we would have a fighting chance of taking back the House and Senate in 2016.

Obama has also been a disappointment for me.  In my opinion, he supported the big banks and turned his back on homeowners. Yes, he came up with HAMP, but he didn’t put any enforcement teeth to it.  Wall Street and the banks continue to grow richer while the middle class and poor are stagnant in their wages and buying power.  As well all know, the rich are getting richer by the minute.  Elizabeth Warren has great solutions that need to be implemented.  I fully support the work she is doing.

My blog is meant to challenge every right-wing, Tea Party-extremist, conservative idea out there.  I plan on being snarky, to question everything, and have a good time while I’m at it.

If you want to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.  However, be nice.  I will not tolerate mean, cruel comments from anyone and your post will be deleted.

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